Healthy Habits Create Successful people

Leo Tolstoy starts the novel Anna Karenina with the line, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” There is a great deal of reality in that idea, which applies to healthy, mature individuals. Healthy people exhibit common habits, while the habits of unsuccessful people are all over the place.

Everyone who is successful and fulfilled in life, or who has done great things in their life, has developed proper habits. Developing habits means building the foundation of your character and destiny. Habits are created gradually, slowly while taking small step approach to rich high level of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Creating habits is not an easy thing, and require consistent and commitment to do the same things again and again. When you initially learn something the pathways or connections in your brain are weak. The more frequently you think a particular thought, have a particular attitude or act in a certain way the stronger the pathways become, forming an automatic habit of thinking, and doing. When habits are formed, they hold you in the right truck and serve you well.

The key thing to remember about healthy and successful people is that they understand that simply wanting to achieve success is not enough, you have to match this desire with drive, effort, constructive mindset as well as committed to develop healthy habits and practices that would leads you to success and fulfillment. So, take care of yourself by building healthy habits.


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