5 Ways to Create a Strong, Loving and Intimate Relationship

create bond and intimacy

A relationship is not always made up of romantic dates, wedding nights or occasional getaways. The reality consists of Monday morning rush, mid-week crisis, occasional health problems and so on. Such moments are natural and important parts of couples as these decides the true future of the relationship. So what should we do between Monday morning rush to the Friday evening outside dinner to keep the relationship and intimacy strong and enjoyable?

Throw away expectations:

Expectations are the source of disappointment and anger. We consciously or unconsciously have “standards” and expect a lot of “unfair” things from our partner. When the expectations from your partner are not met, it will make you upset. Often people in a relationship expect love and romance continuously and also want to be effortless. This will only increase your suffering as reality is something different. To be happy and make the relationship strong, stop expecting and start giving. The small things that you get unexpectedly, will remain in memory forever.

Find common interests:

There is a saying in love and relationship: opposites attract. Although it is true, when you are in a relationship, you must find a common interest that the two of you can be together. That will deepen your connection and intimacy and clearly add fun to your relationship. If there is nothing common between you and your partner, start creating some activity together. This will increase the bond between the two of you. So, make time for each other in the busy schedule and create a sense of responsibility for your partner. What can be a better idea than watching a movie together in a cozy bed with a box of popcorn!

Make laughter:

Laughter is the best medicine and it is true for love and relationship also. In this fast-paced life, we have become very busy, and stressful. We have almost forgotten to take a break. Can you remember when was the last time you and your partner had a really good laugh? Well most of us can’t. Laughter gives you a natural physical uplift. Laughter makes it easy to go intimate with your spouse. Learn to make small jokes and try to make your partner laugh often-you will see a drastic change in your tedious relationship.

Be supportive and learn to listen:

How bad will you feel if your partner does not support you? It is a terrible feeling for anyone in a relationship to feel discouraged. This attitude and feeling may amplify to create disconnection that ultimately will end the relationship. To build a durable relationship, partners should be each other’s strongest supporter. To be supportive, listen to your partner very carefully and understand their needs. The more carefully listen, the more you can feel the situation and attend to your partner’s’ need. In this way, you can take a much better decision which will be beneficial for the relationship. A good supportive partner boosts the self-confidence of the partner and solidify the connection.

Celebrate life:

It is often a big concern for people that they get too busy in life and only wait for some occasions to come to celebrate. To have a strong and loving relationship, it is necessary that you celebrate life every day. Celebrate for small things, go out for a walk in the park holding hand, hug your partner while going for work, kiss your spouse when you are stuck in traffic-such small things will help you make a strong and intimate relationship.


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