7 Health Reasons Why You Should Have Sex

The importance of sex on your health and well being


Not that we really need an excuse to have sex, but its health benefits will surely make you think of its importance and need in your daily life. Other than giving pleasure and fun, sexual activity enhances the wellbeing and overall health of people. Whether it is your emotional health, physical health, or psychological health – being intimate is the a free way to improve all of them. So let’s heat things up in the bedroom for more than one reason.

1.   Deeper Intimacy

Your sex life will certainly influence the relationship you have with your partner. It has been observed that individuals who had strong relationship also had a better sex life. Similarly, problems in the bedroom most likely strain the bond between the couples. This is the reason both passion and compassion is needed in intimate relationship.

Sex helps in achieving a deeper level of intimacy. It is something special and romantic  between you and your lover, which cannot be expressed to anyone else (if you are in a monogamous relationship). It also improves connection and  communication between the two. People start becoming more genuine and open while voicing their needs and true self; allowing themselves to be  vulnerable together.

2.   Improve Immunity

It might come out as shocking, but sexual activity can actually boost your immune system. Whether it’s a cold or any kind of infection, Wilkes University has proven that sex protects you from it all. The results of the research indicated that IgA (immunoglobulin – an antibody) was 30% greater among students who got involved in sexual intercourse once or twice a week paralleled to those who didn’t. Sexual activity also reduces blood pressure. No need to buy expensive anti-allergies, because now you have a free, enjoyable solution!

3.   Lesser Stress

Balancing work, family, education, and your student loans altogether is not easy. These things are surely in the forefront of your mind 24/7, keeping you stressed and worried. This can further create health complications and psychological distress for you. But, wait, guess what the solution is? That’s right, sex! According to a study in 2005, the individuals who had intercourse were less stressful and had lower blood pressure comparatively, to those who didn’t have sex, or only masturbated.

4.   Reduce Risk of Cancer

People may still be looking for the cure of cancer, but sex is how you can lessen its risk. A study from Harvard Medical School has proven that there was a 22% decrease in the development of prostate cancer among men who ejaculated more frequently. A study by Nottingham University discovered the lower risk of prostate cancer among men in their 50s because of their steady sex life. Many other studies have also indicated similar results.

On the other hand, among women, sex not only assists in easing the cramps associated with the menstrual period but also prevents breast cancer. According to a French study, women who had sex at least once in a month were less expected to develop breast cancer compared to females who had no sex at all.

5.   Better Sleep

Are you an insomniac? Sex is just the physical activity you need that will put you to sleep later on. During the intercourse, endorphins hormones are released that let you relax, and reduces your anxiety level. The night sleep after sex is much more peaceful as your body has released the Prolactin hormone, which is also essential roles in the maintenance of the immune system.

6.   Look Better and  Younger

We all wish to look younger than our age and use creams to get rid of those wrinkles and go on vegetable diets, but what if I tell you, adding sex to your routine is all that you need to flaunt your age miracle face?

According to a study by clinical neuropsychologist and Scottish researcher David Weeks, individuals who had sex twice a week had their age underestimated by 7 to 12 years. These individuals were also happy in their own skin, and were assertive about their sexual identity. The reason behind this phenomenon is that intercourse releases hormones like estrogen which soften the individual’s skin and make them appear younger. So, more sex makes you looks better, younger and more attractive.

7.   Burning Calories

If you are the kind of person looking for a more delightful way of burning calories than a run on the treadmill, then you have got one right over here. Obviously, you won’t get 6 abs and bulging biceps but you will surely burn approximately 85 to 200 calories in just half an hour. This means a loss of 10 pounds in a year just by having intercourse for 30 minutes. Your bones and muscle will also toughen with the increase in testosterone production in the body. Get on with some lovemaking, and lose the flab to get that waistline you badly want.

8.   More pleasure –  greater Oxytocin

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone or the bliss hormone, impacts human feeling and behavior in a very positive way, especially in the aspects of reproductive behavior. For these reasons, oxytocin is considered “the great facilitator of life.” Part of its so many benefits includes reduction in social fear, increases empathy and generosity and servers as the best natural anti-depressant.

Sex is a basic need of the human body and sex is an excellent way to improve your well-being. It is our instinct and a natural drive, which is also extremely healthy for us. Having sex hang-ups is common, but you need to learn how to embrace and explore this need of yours, and enjoy the healthy perks!

Simply said, having sex often would make you live longer, healthier and happier.


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