7 Things You Must Do to Make Sex Exciting

Many in a relationship would say that what makes intimacy exciting is sex, as it forms the edifice of a relationship. If you want to make the relationship work, you need to keep the passion alive. Couples report that sex becomes dull after a while and they start disconnecting physically or treating it like a chore. Sex should be fun, it should be dripping with passion and most importantly it needs to be exciting in order to make a relationship alive. If you feel that your sex life has not been up to the mark lately, learn about these tips to spice it up.

Understand Your Partner’s Love Map

The term love map has only recently come into play, but it isn’t something new and people have known it forever. A person’s love map is a combination of their interests, desires, and fantasies in regards  to sex and intimacy. If you know your partner’s love map, you will be able to push the right button and make them sexually aroused and fulfilled. Whether it’s a conversation, relationship or sex, everybody wants to be understood and want their preferences to be taken into account. This, you can accomplish by knowing their love map and by satisfying their desires and needs.

Openly Discuss Your Sexual Issues

Unfortunately a large number of people suppress their feelings and desires, especially when it comes to sex. This attitude amplifies the shame and guilt associated with sex and even makes it  a taboo that no one can address. What this means is that overtime people become afraid to talk about sex, especially their feeling toward it. When you are with someone that you care about,  and they care about you,  have the courage to openly talk about your sexual desires, fantasies as well as shame and guilt. People who love you, will accept you for who you are and, getting that burden off your chest will start the process of your sexual healing and will allow you to unleash your true sexual power.

Share Your Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. All you need to do is communicate it, so that you can add fire to the fuel. Having sex the same way over and over again can make it boring. Accordingly, make use of your imagination to spice it up. When you are in a relationship you cherish, you should be open to your partner about your sexual fantasies because they are the  people that can actually do something about it. This also will deepen your intimacy and will bring excitement and fun into the relationship.


Sex is a satisfying acts, yet monotones sex can make you and your partner lose interest in it. The way to bring back the pleasure of having sex is being wild and experimenting with new ideas. Try new positions, let your mind runs crazy, ditch the bedroom and start having sex elsewhere. Go out and try sex in different places and even experiment with the use of sex toys to spice up your sex life.

Plan for Sex

Till now one thing is established that sex is very important. When one of the partners feel unfulfilled sexually or even rejected sexually, it is a danger sign in a relationship. You need to put some effort to please your partner. Plan your timing, take time out of your schedule and think about when to have sex and how to have sex. You need to think of ways how your partner would want to get intimate with you and plan the intimate details before actually applying it to produce thrilling sex life. That also, should not take away from a spontaneous sex (next tip).

Have Spontaneous Sex

Yes, planned sex is important as it will allow you to fine line all the things that would make sex worth it for you and your partner. Yet, sometimes, surprises and spur off the moment sex can be all that is needed for sex to juice up. Have a quickie in the morning to get your senses going or drop by his or her office when you really miss them to have spontaneous sex (just be careful with work regulations).

Be Passionate and Spicy Outside Of The Bedroom

Who said bedroom is the only place where you can have sex? Sex isn’t always about what happens in between the sheets. Your behavior can play an important role in making sure whether or not you enjoy spicy sex. When you dine out, you may have seen couples that are packing on the PDAs. You can try doing it in different rooms of the house and can even plan a vacation in order to spend intimate time with your partner. These little things help with the passion that will surely fire up your sex life and will bring exhilaration to the relationship.


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