8 things that infidelity counseling in NYC can help with your relationship

Infidelity Counseling in New York City

One of the great challenges of life is dealing with betrayal. This challenge magnifies dramatically when it was done by loved ones, especially your spouse. This is why infidelity is so hard to grasp and even more to accept.

For many couples, the discovery of a partner’s infidelity is experienced as a betrayal that breaks one of the most fundamental assumptions of a relationship: its exclusivity. Infidelity is severe in that it brutally impacts the betrayed partner and the relationship as a whole.

When trust is broken, especially as a result of infidelity, the questions “Can I trust him/her?” “Can I overcome the pain?” “Can I open my heart again?” “Can we survive it?” And many more question might be there for a long time.

For some couples, even more challenging in the process of recovery, is the logistical difficulties created by the affair or even by life itself. The shame associated with circumstances, not being to share or gain support, make you feel alone and lonely in your pain.

In the midst of the crisis generated by the infidelity, moving forward seem impossible. It is also difficult for you to know comprehend and accept the situation as well as knowing what the best for you is. Moshe Ratson from spiral2grow in New York City is an infidelity expert can assist couples with their recovery. His unique, comprehensive and wholistic approach allow you to gain insight into your own relationship and the find the path toward healing and even prosperity.

The infidelity counseling helps you with the following:

  • Gain the support to deal with the pain and betrayal
  • Feel heard, validated and understood by your mate
  • Find hope that you once again feel safe
  • Find the way out of your dilemma
  • Lower negative feelings and enhancing the positive ones
  • Understand why all this happened
  • Create a new path toward healing and recovery
  • Take responsibility for your contribution to the relationship dynamics

Yet, with great challenge that the affair, infidelity and betrayal bring, come great opportunities. It is definitely not easy to overcome infidelity and/or trust issue, but it is very much possible to create a new relationship which is based on respect, loyalty and love.

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