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Anger Management Classes

spiral2grow, a leading provider of anger management classes in New York City, employs anger management psychotherapists and anger management counselors, who are expert in anger management. spiral2grow, located in 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers anger management classes for individuals and groups as well as couples. Classes and and workshops are taking place in being delivered in the midtown Manhattan office, conveniently located near Grand Central Station.

Anger management Classes – Objectives

Anger management programs and classes are taken for a many reasons. Sometimes these classes are taken for personal growth and improvement or at the request of a loved one or employer. Anger management classes may also be required by the court or probation department as part of a plea bargain or minor violation of the law. If the court has ordered you to take an anger management class, then you are legally obligated to fulfill this requirement.

The following are only few of the objectives of anger managment Classes:

  • Increased ability to communicate, mediate, and resolve interpersonal problems
  • Increased affect regulation and appropriate emotional expression
  • Cognitive restructuring that promotes healthy affect regulation, decision making, problem solving skills, and behavioral change
  • Effective self-monitoring, defusing, and de-escalation techniques
  • Decreased impulsivity and behavioral acting out
  • Increased capacity for conflict resolution
  • Increased inhibition of aggression
  • Increased frustration tolerance
  • Enhanced coping skills

Additional anger goals are defined when the class meets and customized to class or individual needs.

  • More about the Anger Management Program
    • Repeated anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally, while making people rigid and defensive. It is likely to have a negative effect on health, damage relationships and limit life experiences and ability to achieve fulfillment and happiness. This Anger Management Program provides tools to help people learn how to manage anger constructively, while transforming it into assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy and forgiveness, so they create the life and relationship they want.
    • The Anger Management program is designed to help individuals gain productive ways to express anger and eliminate self-destructive behaviors. Participants of the Anger Management Program learn how to reduce their level of anger, especially in provocative situations, while building effective coping skills to stop escalation and resolve conflicts. They learn to take personal responsibility for their actions and change their maladaptive behaviors.
    • spiral2grow proram is characterized by a high level of interaction, energy and honesty as well as a safe place to bring up a wide range of complex issues. The program is also a working laboratory for experimentation where newly learned skills can be put to the test. The result is a richer and deeper experience promoting members to take on life’s challenges.
    • spiral2grow program is for individuals who are experiencing daily frustrations in business and personal situations. Yet, they are motivated to learn skills for managing their “negative” emotions, particularly anger. The program is based on the cognitive–behavioral and exposure approach to anger and aggression control. It incorporates innovations in design, content and techniques that make it easily accessible and effective for its audience. While each program is unique in many ways, it facilitates dramatic positive changes. Participants greatly benefit from the group dynamic and interaction and find the experience rewarding. We encourage you to join an exciting opportunity to enter this program and use it as a “laboratory” to help improve your life and relationships.
More about Anger Counseling
  • The Anger Control Workbook - by McKay, Matthew & Rogers, Peter
  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol


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