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Anger Management for Business Executives

spiral2grow is excited to offer Anger management coaching for executives that combines traditional coaching  methods with cutting-edge, proven, experiential counseling techniques. Located in Midtown Manhattan, spiral2grow is a recognized leader in anger management and executive coaching.

Work, like life, can be an emotional minefield. Even more, the rapid changes in the workplace is accelerating more than ever before. With that comes greater stress as well as explosive behaviors. Many business executives, managers and employees find themselves dealing with difficult emotions, particularly stress and anger. It is not surprising that executive coaching for anger management becomes a much needed service.

It is not uncommon to have stress and tension in the workplace. Everyone wants to be successful and  productive to improve their respective careers. Yet, different personalities, styles, ideas, philosophies etc. can be a source of clash.

Aside from internal competition in the workplace, family issues, and top management and peer pressure could take its toll on employees. This factors and others may create a conflict of interest which might lead to frustration, stress and eventually anger and even aggression. While each employee must know how to deal with their difficult emotions, supervisors and manager, as leaders, have greater responsibility to oversea relationship’s dynamics and create effective business processes that leads to positive results.

When anger escalates in the workplace, managers have to do all in their power to prevent further damages. This is why conflict resolutions skills as well as anger management skills are key ingredients in building successful teams and companies.

The anger management course is designed for business executives and it’s ideal for clients who are highly motivated and ready to take the necessary steps to build anger management skills as well as emotional intelligence. These skills will enable individuals to becomes leaders not only in their company, but in society at large. The private coaching sessions are one-on-one that provides intimate experience that is customized to individual needs. The anger course is also a viable for companies/employers looking to guide employees to better manage stress, anger and aggression. The sessions provide education, guidance and support for those struggling with anger issues as well as other emotional concerns . The result is increasing in emotional intelligence and leader and social skills.

Many high level professionals that attended anger management have experienced the positive effects of the skills learned and as a result they refer or recommend coaching for peers, direct reports, supervisors, friends and family members.

    • Anger management coaching is ideal for corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, mental health professionals, nurses and hospital staff, law enforcement and fire department personnel, athletes, and individuals seeking one on one anger management/executive coaching. Referrals to spiral2grow programs range from corporate executives, physicians and nurses, to self-employed individuals. Many are self-referred, but some come by way of their employer.
  • Anger Management – Benefits for Organizations
    • Decrease in staff turnover
    • Increase productivity
    • Fewer medical expenses
    • Supportive and safer work environment
    • Develop more effective communication
    • Lessen lawsuits and litigation
    • Improve employees’ morale
    • Greater teamwork
    • Reduce cost
  • Anger Management – Benefits for Individuals
    • Improve self control
    • Build self-esteem and confidence
    • Create healthier and happier relationships
    • Greater inner peace
    • Reduce stress and improve stress management
    • Increase personal and professional productivity
    • Better physical and mental well-being
    • Develop empathy
    • Increase personal responsibility
    • Respond rather than react
    • Become assertive
    • Improve judgment and impulse control
    • Build better relationship
    • Establish healthy boundaries
    • Be assertive
  • Financial Loss of Anger
    • In addition for unhealthy environment and escalation of conflict anger negatively impact productivity, which means less profits for the company.
      In cases that anger and conflict become out of control (physical contact, altercation, threat, assault etc.) among employees, the consequences go beyond pressure, stress and productivity. The company will be facing legal repercussions. Different entities (individuals, groups, companies) will be sued, and as a result corresponding personal and financial responsibilities/implications will take place.
    • As such, executives, managers and human resources departments are in perfect position to build successful teams and implement anger management strategies to prevent violence and anger related issues in the workplace.
More about Anger Management Coaching
  • The Anger Control Workbook - by McKay, Matthew & Rogers, Peter
  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol


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