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Anger Management Group

Intense anger or negative behaviors can be costly, both physically and emotionally. The group program enables the participants to better learn, practice, and integrate treatment strategies to manage anger, especially in provocative situations. It provides the clients effective coping behaviors to stop escalation, be assertive and resolve conflicts.

spiral2grow of New York City utilizes proven Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions. Individuals in the group learn to understand the roots beneath anger, recognize early signs of anger and reduce aggressive and impulsive responses. They are taught how to slow down their arousal when angered, so that it can be processed and acted on in a proper way without the negative consequences associated with uncontrolled anger.

spiral2grow of New York City offers Anger Management solutions in additional formats: Individuals,  Couples  and Workshops.

The following are few of the goals and skills provided in Anger Management Group:

  • Process anger constructively by understanding its psychodynamics
  • Manage anger and other challenging emotions in healthy ways
  • Express your needs and feelings in a constructive way
  • Transform anger into a healthy productive source
  • Eliminate self-destructive/maladaptive behaviors
  • Explore hurt that has been masked by anger
  • Halt escalation and resolve conflicts
  • Become assertive (not aggressive)
  • Overcome emotional reactivity
  • Develop communication skills

Anger Management group
Control anger related behaviors
Break "old patterns" that don't work
Better relationships & less stress
Improve communication skills & solve problems
Become more assertive
Stop escalation, resolve conflicts & act "Win-Win"
Reduce emotional reactivity & level of stress
Learn to relax
Understand emotions and express needs
Create healthy boundaries


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