Business Organization as a Living Person

Organizations come together in hopes of doing things as a group that individuals cannot accomplish by their own. Your business is a living, breathing entity and as such, it has a “soul,” just like a person. But it is easy to overlook that as you go through the daily challenges. But it’s not “just a job” when you are an entrepreneur or an employee or a manager, the business becomes an extension of yourself. Karl Palachuk once said “Business has the same needs as the people who work there.

  • They need to stay focused on success.
  • They need to value relaxation and personal growth.
  • They need regular evaluations.
  • They need instruction and direction.

Not only that your each employee is a single organisms that need attention and nurturing, but your company as a whole is also an organism, yet it is larger and more complex organism that also needs attention and nurturing. The analogy is quite strong. The techniques for setting goals, evaluating performance, and refining goals are also very analogous to human being.

Once you nurture your business, your businesses grow and become successful. It also becomes less stressful and more efficient. If you think and treat your business as a person, then you have a better chance of having a successful business. To evaluate, manage and encourage the greatest performance from your employees and to make them successful, you need to:

  • Create a vision for your company
  • Set a specific, measurable goals
  • Communicate the goals effectively
  • Empower and motivate employees to reach goals
  • Evaluate performance regularity and dynamically
  • Refine the goals
  • Build an atmosphere of respect, appreciation, and fun

Companies have “cultures,” procedures and norms. Some companies are stressful, some are laid back. Some are fun and some are not. Each of these cultures develops over time. It may develop purposefully as a result of plans and actions, or it may evolve on its own as the result of no plan, no intention and no action. Therefore,  you should plan, strategies and act to make your business move toward the direction you intend it to be.

As a business executive, executive coach and a psychotherapist, I view a company as a group of individuals, each with their own set of skills and experiences, coming together towards a common goal. And when people are involved, the organization is clearly has a “soul.” Accordingly, I see a corporation as a person, too!

We know there are human beings making the decisions behind any organization. And if human beings are making decisions, we know those decisions are impacted by their psychology in some form or another. It is the psychology of the individuals as well as the psychology of the organization.

I believe that every organization, every business, has a “soul,” or a psychological make-up. It is that spirit that you feel but perhaps cannot measure. It is the fire in the eyes of those who work there. It’s the feelings the belly. It is the pervasive sense of destiny or purpose that gives reason for every activity. It is the idea of knowing that together you are fulfilling a higher calling, creating value accomplishing great things and filling fulfilled.

Please visit author, Moshe Ratson (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, NYC) at his google+ Profile:+Moshe Ratson


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