Characteristics of Healthy Relationship

Listed below are some of the most important qualities and characteristics that contribute to a healthy relationship.

People in healthy relationship:

  • Respect each other and each other differences
  • Care about each other and do thing for the other person
  • Are gentle with each other (not aggressive and demanding)
  • Trust each other, be honest and transparent
  • Share thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Conduct conflict with “care-fronted” rather than “con-fronted”
  • Learn from the past, plan for the future, yet focus on present  priorities and responsibilities
  • Knows and values that each person has
  • Let each person develop also a life away from the relationship
  • Compliment on tasks “well done” or even just the intention
  • Listen to each other carefully with a goal to understand
  • Establish healthy balance between work and relationship
  • Be open and willing to change, creativity and spontaneously, yet honors routine
  • Value and appreciate the good things in each person – Focus on the positive
  • Willing to forgive and move on without anger and resentment
  • Know each other and as well as core values and goals
  • Keep learning and growing together (not apart)
  • Enjoys humor, laughter and have fun

The above is only a partial list building a successful relationship. Feel free to add to the above list and evaluate your answers. It is important to continuously evaluate your relationship, invest in it and do things to improve your relationship. The return on your investment would be priceless.

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