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Facilitation Services New York

Facilitation is about the process of moving something from point A to point B in an effective way. Using a multi-step-process, spiral2grow, located in New York City, collaborates with its clients to design and deliver a facilitated session(s) that meets their unique objectives.

When an organization or a team within an organization has an important challenge or problem that is needed to be addressed or resolved, a decision is needed to be made. This is where a facilitation expert can play a major role in bringing about the necessary skills to move toward healthy discussion toward resolution. A successful and professional facilitator allows a team identify objectives and desired outcomes, develop a strong and effective agenda to make the team focus on engaging with the subject-matter at hand.

The facilitator helps design an optimal structure for discussion, creates agreed upon agenda, keeps people on the topic, promotes participation of members, asks provocative and probing questions to elicit deeper thinking, and identifies action items and accountability. By the end of the process, a summary of results and recommendation ensures a healthy and constructive closer of this step and allowing teams to move to the implementation phase. Part of the implementation process is the creation of tasks and responsibility and timeframe as part of project management. The bottom line is to enable teams and organizations gain the full benefit from their investment of time, money, and talent and seeing the actual results come to life on the job.

Our professionals bring a deep understanding of the facilitation process and are experts in creating a working environment that stimulate the group members and encourages them to think, exchange and assimilate knowledge and experience. The facilitator(s) also integrates group dynamics, improves problem-solving while reaching the desired goals.


Facilitation Services
Construct a shared understanding
Encourage group contribution & synergy
Strategic & business planning
Vision & mission development
Conflict resolution & problem solving
Ideation & facilitation
Problem analysis & decision making


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