Overcome Fear with Courage

Change is an inevitable part of life, personal growth as well as improving self esteem. Without change, we experience stagnation, depression and even death. Change is the only thing that brings progress, and yet, it is often what we resist and fear the most! As the world around us changes, we must learn to change with it or else we will experience confusion, frustration, stress and anxiety.

Yet, we can practically turn our fear of change into a constructive, energizing force for bettering our life. There is always risk involved in doing something or achieving desired goals and the only way to succeed is by acting and doing. For that we need to conquer our fear. So, remember every fear is an opportunity to grow.

To be effective individuals or leaders, we must be able to embrace change, both professionally and personally. So often, we get stuck doing things the same way (again and again), and hoping for different results and hoping it will work if we just try a little harder. This is called insanity. We often resist the idea of changing our course of actions, because a new path would be foreign to us and we afraid of the unknown. We usually prefer the comfort zone, which is known to us rather than doing something different. It is satisfying our need to avoid facing the fear, yet it preventing us from a long term growth.

To truly achieve our goals, we must ask ourselves, “Where is it that we want to go, what are we doing to get there, and what is holding us back from being there now?”  Once we know what we need, we need to make decisions and act. To be more successful we need to evaluate our actions and if needed we must do things differently. The future we will experience is the result of the choices we make this moment. To create a better future we must begin to see change as an opportunity and choose to live with courage and commitment.

Developing the courage for change will help you to create a future that is more successful and fulfilling. Walt Disney shared this belief with us when he stated, “all of our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.

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