Seeking a Psychotherapist in NYC or Counselor in New York City?

Psychotherapy in NYC was the subject of many shows, movies and particularly Woody Allen movies as well as many New Yorker cartoons. The reality is that many individuals living in New York City face high level of stress and struggle with physical, emotional and mental problems.

A Gallup poll that was performed on 2010, ranked New York City near the bottom on emotional health. The study measured level happiness, worry, anger, and stress and New York City was ranked 132 out of 162 cities. Therefore, it is not surprising that a disproportionate number of people in New York City engage in psychotherapy and counseling. New York City is full of mental healthcare therapists who want to look after your well-being. There are close to 5000 licensed psychologists practicing in New York City and many more other mental health professionals such: Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Psychoanalysts etc. Manhattan has the highest concentration for psychotherapy referrals per person.

Why do so many people living in New York City see psychotherapists? Many indicate that life in NYC simply is stressful. Due to the fast paced lifestyle in this big city, many people suffer from stress related problems which are manifested in different ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some would also say that in such complex city that is driven by fast pace life style, it is harder to form deep interpersonal connections. Lack of social connection and intimate relationship may result in increase of alienation, despair, depression, anxiety, anger and addiction. And, as we mentioned, it is easier to find a psychotherapist in New York City simply because there are so many available therapists around.

So, not only do more people seek therapy in New York City, but those who do may find it easier to talk about their issues. In New York therapy is more common, and people are less concerned with what others might think of them as compare to other smaller cities and rural USA, who still view psychotherapy with its negative stigma. Of course, many people choose therapy because they see it as a mean to improve skills and enhance growth, fulfillment and happiness. They consider psychotherapy as a form of self-enhancement rather than just a place to address problems or to resolve deep wounds.

Good health is an essential ingredient to a happy and enjoyable life. Even when your schedule is crazy with too much to do and your time to accomplish everything is limited, don’t let your well-being suffer. The next time you have some type of psychological condition that you want to address, you can easily contact spiral2grow, psychotherapists in NYC to help you.  spiral2grow, located in New York City offers quality of services of highly trained psychotherapists. After all, being healthy and taking care of your well-being is a necessity.

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