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Spiritual Counseling New York City

spiral2grow, a counseling center in NYC, provides spiritual counseling for individuals and couples to solve spiritual challenges. Our experts in spirituality include couples counselors, marriage therapists, psychotherapists and spiritual counselors who help teaching and building healthy and fulfilling life and healthy relationships. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers spiritual awareness in a variety of formats: individual psychotherapy, couples counseling and marriage therapy.

Spiritual Counseling

spiral2grow recognizes that people are both human and spiritual beings. Spirituality is a fundamental source of health and balance and is essential to the healing process. Couples therapy as well as individual counseling is provided in a spiritually-sensitive manner, with respect for the individual’s belief systems, values, religious practices and life meanings.

Spiritually-oriented psychotherapy assists in integrating our spiritual nature with our humanness. Together with psycho therapeutic basics such as building a healthy self-esteem and sense of self, learning to communicate effectively, establishing healthy boundaries, identifying and meeting personal and relationship needs, spiritually-oriented counseling recognizes and facilitates multi-dimensional awareness and understanding of spiritual elements and its effect on our relationship with ourselves, our partner and life in general.

Also, spiritual counseling is designed to understand the human spirit in its all dimensions. As a holistic and systemic psychotherapist, it is hard for me not see the spiritual aspect as integral part of psychology and well being. The spiritual counseling attends to four main layers: the physical part, the mental part, the emotional as well as the spiritual-energetic part. The main goal of the counseling is to enable the client to connect to all of its facets at the deepest level and to establish the harmony that is so necessary to live happy life.

Healing and transformation may be possible when we address both daily experiences and spiritual understandings about our lives. Psychotherapy helps one in identifying the meanings inherent in difficult experiences and pains, such that old patterns of behavior may be broken and personal growth can be achieved in a transformative process where one becomes more personally and spiritually empowered. spiritual counseling is different from philosophical counseling.

Spirituality is only one of many philosophical subjects humans are challenged by and would like to explore understand and integrate into there life, while philosophy encompass other life domains such as: mid-life crises, career changes, stress management, emotional regulations, assertive behavior, illness, aging and dying as well as meaning of life, decision making, tranquility and morality.

Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT), at spiral2grow, incorporates a blend of nondenominational spiritual practices, spiritual wisdom traditions, contemporary psychologies, philosophical counseling as well as emotional healing practices. We recognize that some individuals have the need explore what is beyond ordinary conscious experience to understand our spiritual nature and gifts to be fully human and whole.

Issues to be addressed in spiritual counseling

Spirituality is an important concept that is difficult to define. Spirituality does not necessarily incorporate religion. In general, it consists of three areas: practices and rituals (prayer, meditation, etc.), belief (morals, values, deity, transcendence) and the experience of the individual.

During the counseling process, psychotherapist will assist in exploration of client’s reality as well as the spiritual dimension. Some of the issues that may be addressed in spiritual counseling include:

  • Meaning, purpose, fulfillment and hope
  • Integrity and worthiness
  • The authentic self
  • Transcendence
  • Religious engagement
  • Loving and kindness as well as serving others
  • Gratitude and Thankfulness
  • Death and dying
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