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Strategic and Business Planning

How should I start my business? How should my company achieve its goals and reach the next level?
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“Failure to plan is planning to fail” is an old saying, but it is very true – especially today. Any business that does not have a clear plan as to where it is going and how it is going to get there is simply stumbling around in the dark and the probable results are obvious. Our clients will be provided with insight and direction needed, so they can make more informed decisions. We can help companies develop a sound and realistic strategic and business plans to bring them where they want to be.

As you transform your business vision into reality and grow, many entrepreneurs reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to move ahead. Our strategic business coach gives you the tools and structure to make quantum leap in your productivity and business results while also increasing your enjoyment and energy in all areas of life. The strategic coach provides what is needed to break through the obstacles and forces you face to move to the next level.

spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan in New York City, works with clients to develop and refine their corporate strategy based on a rigorous assessment of their organization and its resources. spiral2grow, led by Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT) will help you create a plan and put it into action and establish performance measures to meet the milestones in the plan. It’s an on-going process that ensures that there are no surprises and that the awareness and flexibility are in place to make adjustments to the plan if they are needed, while keeping the ultimate goals firmly in focus.


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