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Before coming therapy, I was very much against therapy and felt it was not necessary to pay for someone to listen to me ramble on about my problems. I felt friends were good for that. But something in my life occurred that no one else could truly help me with. I was molested as a child, had self-esteem and anxiety issues as well as other relational problems.With Moshe’s help, I have become empowered. He showed me new ways of looking at my problems and how to handle them. Though I have some road ahead of me, I feel I have come a long way. Now, I know that I needed a professional and I am so happy today that I turned to therapy.

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  • My experience with spiral2grow has been powerfully positive. Working with my therapist has transformed me and helped me on the path of finding out who I really am. When I entered therapy, my life revolved around fear. With compassion and understanding, my therapist encouraged me to listen to myself, think for myself, and trust myself. Now, my life revolves around acceptance, courage and proactively. So many new and unexpected doors have opened for me that I never dreamed could be possible. My journey is still evolving but I have learned to appreciate each day instead of dreading the days.
  • Therapy was the best thing I ever did for myself. I always felt I was unimportant and my feelings were disregarded, especially as a child. Keeping everything inside made it all seem so big and scary. In therapy, I started the process of healing and freed myself from my fear. Therapy has enabled me to grow in so many ways. I feel like I am now finally living my life in the present and not so much in the past. I don’t know where I would be without spiral2grow today.
  • When I first call spiral2grow, I was in the middle of a personal crisis. During the last year I have learned that I can be happy on my own. My therapist and I explored multiple techniques to help me get over the guilt I felt in ending my relationship and the pain I felt when I thought about what I had lost. Because of therapy, I have seen my relationships with my family, friends and collogues become healthier. I have learned how to draw up and respect each other’s boundaries and take care of myself.
  • Psychotherapy with spiral2grow has mad all the difference in my life! It was a wonderful beginning of my healing process. For me, therapy is truly a blessing. My therapist has helped me see the hidden inner strength and courage I had all along but needed guidance in finding it!At 52 I felt my life was over and my depression reached its deepest level. With care, dedication and guidance, taking one step at the time, my life has turned around.

Couples Therapy
On break of divorce, spiral2grow therapist helped us save our marriage. We still have challenges, yet we are committed to handle them. Our therapist gave us the ability to create a healthy and happy marriage richer than either of us ever imagined. It was the hardest thing we have ever done, and the best thing we have ever done. We never thought we could overcome our challenges we faced.

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  • Our therapist at spiral2grow was supportive but not patronizing, challenging but not confrontational. He was patient and gentle, yet direct. He insightfully asked the questions that I needed to answer for myself. He would frequently recommend books or articles from his own collection that I might enjoy reading. With spiral2grow’s help, I overcame my depression and was on my way to continue reaching higher level of personal growth.
  • When we started therapy we were having serious problems dealing with issues surrounding our children. We were trying our best to create a “blended family” and our efforts were getting us nowhere. The situation was jeopardizing our marriage. Therapy enabled us to have the courage to look at each of our roles in the problems and find constructive ways of dealing with the issues. Over time we have learned to express our needs and emotions, be more honest enabling us to improve our own relationship. Overall, therapy has helped us both as a couple and as individuals and improved the quality of our relationship.

Executive Coaching
Moshe Ratson has become our resource in assisting our leaders to not only identify but correct and grow key development issues. The coaching he has provided on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped our staff gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritizing, strategic thinking, and confidence. He is the utmost in professionalism whether he is helping with business or personal issues. I would recommend Moshe to any company that needs assistance in growing its management team.

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  • spiral2grow consultants continues to be an excellent resource identifying core development issues in companies performance. The individual assessments have provided valuable insight and helped our staff gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, thinking strategically, and establishing clear, measurable goals for themselves.
  • Moshe Ratson helped me create a balance between my work and family, which result in improving my quality of life. In going through the coaching process, I have improved my delegation and organizational skills, which resulted in dramatic increase in my efficiency. My workload has been reduced by 25%, yet I was able achieve greater results. I highly recommend Moshe for anyone looking to improve his or her management skills.
  • Moshe has solid business management experience, listening and analytical skills. Together with his empathy, he creates a powerful combination in coaching. His knowledge about how organizations works, together with his creativity and goal-oriented approach makes him professional, credible and effective coach.

Career Coaching

Over six months ago, I felt helpless and depressed about my job situation and convinced that the only thing possible was a total career transition. Then, I started working with Moshe. Through difficult, yet rewarding experience, I have explored and identify my needs. Within a few weeks, I realized a major shift. I was able to see opportunities (not just problems) in my chosen field, in which I have worked for 15 years. It was encouraging and liberating to know that I can peruse my dream while building on my unique experience and talent.

Now, I am enjoying my existing job, while building my own Internet business. Moshe was instrumental in helping me clarify my vision, and develop goals and action items, which provided me with a more fulfilling life.

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  • “Moshe Ratson is expert, thorough and effective. He has the empowerment skills, life experience and worldly knowledge to dramatically help people achieve the dreams they hold for their life. I have the highest regard for his talents and integrity. Working with him was a gift to my life. He is a master coach and I recommend him wholeheartedly. I successfully made a career change and now have my own biotech company. I highly recommend him for anyone who is interested in practical, goal-oriented approach.

Life/Personal Coaching

“I have worked with some of the very best leadership coaches in the United States. I can say without hesitation that Moshe not only stands among them at the level of tactics and problem-solving but he also brings a level of understanding and insight about living authentically as a human being that I have encountered nowhere else. Moshe’s grounding in the world’s practical and philosophical attitude and his ability to extract and offer insights from these views greatly differentiates him from other leadership coaches. My years of being coached by Moshe have brought about in me a fundamental shift in perspective and a more authentic and graceful approach to life and work. Simply put, Moshe’s coaching process has enabled me to experience a new level of personal freedom that I sense existed but didn’t know how to access.”

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  • Moshe has been a fantastic coach over the past two years and I am very grateful for our relationship. I appreciated the way that he was totally present and engage with me during our sessions. He always seems to have the right question that really gets me thinking about the possibilities around my current situation. He kept me focus and together with his assignments, I felt that we are actually accomplishing things and not just talking. Moshe always emphasize the importance of hard work and persistence. This attitude led me to create small changes that over time become huge.
  • Coaching with spiral2grow has helped me develop self-confidence and reduce my level of stress about my jobless situation. My experience was rewarding and led me to grow as a husband, father and of course as a person. My coach has guided me to adapt a healthier perspective, while enabling me to remove some of my stumbling blocks and move toward success.

Anger Management

It is great to be controlling the situation rather than let the situation controlling you. By applying the techniques that I have learned from your anger management classes, I am able to recognize my own negative self talk. Now, I am using your “formula” and takes the time to be patient, rational and consider the consequences of my alternatives. I have been able to reduce my personal stress level dramatically and having more fun.

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  • I had always made a lot of excuses for my angry behavior. I am a Senior VP in a very busy company in a very stressful industry. I told myself that my anger was justified because inefficient, incompetent people were costing me business and money. spiral2grow helped me face the reality that my anger was my problem. I am handling stress and managing people a lot better, now that I have my anger addiction under control.

Relationship Coaching

You provided us with practical tools & strategies to improve our communication, problem-solving skills and intimacy. You helped us build the foundation for our marriage. Now, we feel that we are growing together in a loving committed relationship.


No program has ever offered me such good and applicable relationship counseling. This workshop should be a pre-requisite for marriage or intimate relationship. Although we were in a group setting, it was very personal and private. I leave this group feeling renewed with a new understanding of my wife & myself and skills to make my relationship and life better.

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