What to expect in an anger management counseling?

The first sessions with your counselor or psychotherapist are often used to establish a rapport and clear understanding of your personal situation, what lead you to seek anger management, define your goals and formulate a customized treatment plan. Together, you and your counselor will:

  • Identify your habitual anger “triggers” – these may involve certain, situations, people or feelings
  • Establish a clear connection between thoughts and feeling and how it affects your behavior
  • Adopt new thought patterns that benefit you
  • Develop new ways to manage stress
  • Build relationship skills towards improving your relationship with yourself and others

Anger is often a red flag, a warning alarm, and an indicator for our emotional barometer. If left unchecked or allowed to build over time, anger can erupt in seconds and will manifest in very destructive ways. Below are a few common behavioral manifestations of anger:

  • Unresolved conflict and arguments
  • Passive-aggressive behavior
  • Road rage
  • Violence and assaults
  • Work-related disputes
  • Physical destruction of objects and property
  • Domestic violence: emotional, psychological and physical
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Shouting match
  • Abuse

These expressions of anger and others vary in degrees of intensity, but they all destructive. They destroy professional relationships and deeply hurt the ones we care for.

Our Anger Management clients range from children and adolescents to adults, all struggling to cope with anger in their own unique ways. Common presenting issues include:

Seeking coaching and psychological support is critical for those struggling to manage their anger. Setting realistic goals, building skills and implementing effective strategies

spiral2grow anger management counselors and marriage and family therapist are qualified, experienced and competent to provide you with the support you need.

A letter of participation is also available for anger management clients.


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