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spiral2grow MFT

spiral2grow MFT


spiral2grow is a leading organization in New York City that provides cutting-edge Coaching, Psychotherapy and Group Counseling, Relationship Workshops and a range of Organizational Development (OD) programs. Individuals, couples and families as well as executives and organizations benefit from our services and emerge stronger and more adaptive. spiral2grow strives to assist clients achieve their goals and potentials, while freeing and liberating them from their internal and external constrains. spiral2grow is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan near Grand Central Station and is committed to provide a high-quality of service.

spiral2grow utilizes integration of best-of-practices to achieve the best results. spiral2grow emphasizes systemic and relational perspectives, solution orientation as well as cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) approach. Our intervention is practical and solution-focused while emphasizing solving problems, reaching goals and enhancing life. We believe that people can change, grow and learn to lead more satisfying and meaningful lives. Through a process of self-exploration, problem-solving and skills’ development, people can overcome obstacles and realize their potentials. When empowered, clients can create the right condition for themselves to reach their goals and make positive changes in their relationships and their lives.

We employ the spiral evolution model to effect change at different system levels, starting at individuals through couples, families and groups and up to large-scale system of organizational change. The spiral process enables the clients to resolve their problem and overcome their challenges. It provides the clients the path to succeed and grow and achieve durable fulfillment.

The NameLearn the meaning behind the name “spiral2grow.”

Staff – spiral2grow team, led by Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT) includes Psychotherapists, Coaches, (Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Executive Coaches), Group Leaders and Relationship Experts, is highly experienced and trained. Our staff is enthusiastic, proactive, supportive and provide resourceful environment to help clients get to where they want to go and reach their potential.

Healthcare – Moshe Ratson is a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Clients whose health care insurance plan includes out-of-network mental health benefits can receive partial reimbursement for their psychotherapy services. Please check with your health insurance provider to determine whether you are allowed to get reimbursed for services provided by non-participating providers. You might also want to check the nature of your outpatient mental health benefits. For additional questions regarding fee, billing and reimbursement, please contact us directly.


Benefits of Working with Us
Fulfill your potential
Define & achieve goals
Boost self-esteem & confidence - Accept yourself
Develop path toward success
Create life meaning & vision
Heal your wounds & grow
Stop vicious hurtful cycles
Improve your relationship
Overcome challenges
Attain self awareness
Empower yourself & others
Create synergy
Build intimacy
Feel satisfied & happy
Make constructive decisions
Develop communication skills
Stop arguing & be constructive
Manage negative emotions
Gain support & guidance
Increase positive energy
Develop balanced life
Relief stress & anxiety
Build courage & Get unstuck


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spiral2grow re-defined our relationships and focus. We still have challenges, yet we are committed to handle them ...
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in New York City
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