Counseling – Journey from Dark Side to Light Side

The goal of psychotherapy is to create a safe, accepting atmosphere to explore ones-self, explore life and find ways to create more durable and fulfilling life. The main factor to successful therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. In the same manner that our deep wounds occurred in relationship, so is the healing occurs within relationship. It is hard for us to see our own defenses because many of them are unconscious. This is why a professional psychotherapist who is skilled in understanding unconscious defenses can help us work through them.

I view psychological healing in a global holistic perspective that requires the counselor and the client to attend to all aspects of life to create balance and harmony. I see the process of therapy as a journey into the painful darkness of the psyche in which we discover our hidden light and potential.

Psychotherapy generally begins in some kind of pain or unclear lack of fulfillment. Regardless of external successful (financial, position, look etc.), many are facing internal struggles in things such as relationship, intimacy, health, stress, meaningful career, compulsions, anger, anxiety and depression.

The process of the healing will take the client to unfamiliar terrains, with tremendous uncertainties, which would require the client to face his fear and pain. There is no way to heal but to find the courage and face this “night sea journey” while ultimately lead the clients from pain, frustration, and fragmentation to increasing enjoyment, vitality, and wholeness. It is a process of movement from fake to real, from dissatisfaction to fulfillment, from weakness to strength and flexibility, from isolation to a greater connection, from a shaky sense of self-esteem to feeling centered and valued.

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