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Assertiveness Group

The assertiveness training group is formed in recognition of the difficulty that many people have while standing up for themselves and what they want, while respecting the needs of others. The struggle to balance the right to express their opinions, needs, and desires, while maintaining healthy work, personal, and romantic relationships is not an easy task. Assertiveness training can provide the skills and tools to help you relate to others with less anxiety and resentment while retaining self-respect and power over your attitude and over your own life.

Group therapy is a powerful modality to acquire new skills and practice it while facilitating growth and change. Although might be uncomfortable at first, most clients report that the group experience was helpful far beyond their expectations. Individual clients in group receive understanding, support, and encouragement from others that facile similar situation and challenges and at the same time gain different perspectives and support in dealing with those issues. In this regards, spiral2grow, located in New York City (NYC), is excited to provide the opportunity to join a group in NYC that is designed to help individuals who feel they lack the skills to assert themselves in a variety of social and professional situations.

The following are few of the goals for assertiveness group training:

  • Acquire the skills basic to effective and responsible assertion
  • Learn both verbal and non-verbal assertiveness skills
  • Identify and express interpersonal rights in an assertive manner
  • Develop healthier behavior to engage and attract healthier relationships
  • Clarify and reduce emotional blocks which prevent individuals from acting assertively
  • Become more aware of personal passive/assertive/aggressive behaviors
  • Develop leadership skills and becomes more influential in your life
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence and emotional maturity
  • Practice assertive behaviors in a variety of situations
  • Improve conflict resolution skills

Assertiveness Group
Avoid escalation
Build assertiveness
Create healthy boundaries
Manage difficult people
Don't be aggressive nor passive
Learn how to influence other people
Learn effective communication skills
Increase your interpersonal effectiveness
Understand how to set and maintain limits


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