Overcoming Anger with Anger Management Group

Anger can be very damaging to the body, mind and emotional state. Long and continual occurrence of stress from uncontrolled anger can have very negative effects. The members of the anger management group are taught skills for relaxation as well as ways to express anger safely and assertively.

Anger that is not acted upon constructively but rather accumulated can contribute to a passive-aggressive expression of anger, or even to depression. Parts of the lessons of the anger management group are to find ways to improve self-esteem, and to endure what is often a very stressful and hectic life. The group discusses ways to learn greater tolerance, improve empathy, and to forgive when necessary in order to let go and move on.

A key element to the group of anger management is the mutual support that each member provides to the other. Members often make very useful suggestions to others about what has worked for them and how others should appraise or deal with a difficult situation. Each Anger group is unique in many ways but I always find the experience rewarding. Many times the changes are dramatic and can be very beneficial.

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