The Purpose of Anger Management

The purpose of anger management therapy is not to eliminate the anger, but to use it as a signal to indicate that there is a need that is not fulfilled. Through anger management counseling, individuals are taught how to slow down their arousal when angered, so that it can be processed and acted on in a proper, constructive and healthy way without the negative consequences when it is uncontrolled.

There are many triggers that can set off anger episodes. When anger is intense our ability to think is weaken. We often react immediately and worry about the consequences later. This can be dangerous and can make us feel ashamed and guilty later. Many times old immature habits from our childhood can be triggered and reenacted. Reacting to anger situations just keeps us stuck in the past and decreases our ability to change, mature and grow. Knowing what triggers anger inside us can be useful so that we can attempt to avoid or manage those triggers in healthy ways. Anger treatment with effective therapist can teach effective coping skills to create proactive, healthy, durable and fulfilling life while anger emotion is used toward building more mature character.

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