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How to Overcome Breakup and Divorce

Breakup and divorce is a devastating outcome for individuals and families. Going through the difficult process of breaking up relationships, particularly marriage or significant relationship is not easy. Regardless of how it happened and what are the reasons, breakup of a loving relationship can turn your whole world upside down while bringing with it painful feelings and emotional chaos. You might experience a roller coaster of emotions such as disappointment, stress, sadness and grief.

A breakup, separation or divorce disrupt your routine (home, friends, extended family, activities) and even your identity. The unfamiliar territory also bring confusion and uncertainty about the future. Because of the above reasons, overcoming and recovering from a breakup or divorce is difficult. While there’s no cure for a broken heart, there are ways to ease the pain associated with the separation.

First, accept the loss. As painful as the breakup is, avoid the instinct to deny it. You must face your pain and the reality that comes after the separation. Understand, that the healing process won’t be easy, but going through it and experiencing the strong feelings of anger, pain and grief is the only way to move beyond it toward healing.

Realize that everything in life passes, including the pain you currently experience. At the moment you might feel that your pain will be forever, or that you will never find love, this too will pass. In the end of the process will come out stronger, healthier and more mature. In you look at every experience you have in life (if pleasant or not pleasant) as a learning experience, it the long run, it will serve us well.

spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy, with its couples counselors, provide the relationship expertise to overcome breakup, separation or divorce. We are able to guide you through the painful process of divorce to emerge stronger and wiser. spiral2grow in NYC, located at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven techniques to overcome breakup and deal with separation.

  • Coping with a Breakup
    • A committed couple might mutually agree to end the relationship, but a breakup often takes place when at least one member of the couple in a committed relationship was no longer interested in participating in this commitment. The process of breakup can be stress, upsetting, hurtful and even traumatic, especially when it leaves the relationship status uncertain and the other partner without closure.
    • Discussing the thoughts and feelings regarding the breakup and considering the reasons why it might have happened could be part of the recovery and healing process and make it easier to move on.
    • The breakup, especially of important, long term relationship may involve pain and sadness that associated with the loss. Taking care of self-care, physically, mentally and socially may ease the recovery process.
    • While breakup may lead to self-doubt, insecurity, loneliness, void, anger and guilt, it can also serve as a chance to get to know oneself and even more as an opportunity to evaluate priorities, values, and life goals that ultimately promote personal growth. The knowledge and personal changes that gained from the breakup, then can be applied to future relationships.
    • Working through a breakup involves facing the sadness and disappointment, as well as understanding the reasons that contributed to the breakup. spiral2grow can help you to work through the breakup challenges, overcome the pain and loss and prepare you to move on to your next chapter (whatever it might be).
  • Therapy or Counseling for Breakups
    • Experiencing a breakup may cause overwhelming feelings that are difficult to cope with, and can lead to stress and depression, especially if the ended relationship was a serious one. People sometimes refer to themselves as broken-hearted when going through a breakup, and the process of grieving a relationship is very similar to grieving other losses. In this case, psychotherapists or mental health professionals that specialize in relationship breakups can
      be supportive and help people work through unresolved thoughts and feelings associated with the breakup. In general, breakup counseling can help individuals get back in touch with personal feelings and needs and reestablish a sense of self-confidence.
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