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Build and Develop Intimacy

spiral2grow, a leading provider of couples counseling and marriage therapy in New York City (NYC), has intimacy experts and marriage counselors, who help build intimate marriages and intimate relationships. We consider intimacy as key element in any healthy relationship and important factor in successful marriage. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven marriage counseling, couples therapy, individual counseling and psychotherapy as well as intimacy classes and workshops.


Intimacy and romance play an important part in providing the reassurance and trust that underpins all successful relationships. Where there is a lack of intimacy and romance one or both partners may feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the relationship. Intimacy isn’t just about good sex, though sex is a big part of it in partnerships. Intimacy is achieved when the two of you can share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with one another. Intimacy is when two people create an environment where there is a true heart to heart connection. They feel a sense of peace, harmony, balance and unconditional love for their partner and when they are in their partner’s presence. There is no battle of ego’s (power struggle), no need to win, manipulate or control. Intimacy is deep (some say spiritual) connection.

When you’re truly intimate with your partner you can talk about who you really are, say what you need and want, and be heard by him/her. Intimate relationships have a sense of mutuality, which means you’re as concerned with your partner’s satisfaction and happiness as with your own. You want to see your partner emotionally, intellectually, socially, sexually and professionally fulfilled. Your marital intimacy is also strengthened when you two are spending time as a couple, having fun together, and surprising one another.

We will explore the varied meanings of intimacy and help partners articulate their expectations and fears, consider alternative modes of relating, and negotiate the best fit between them. Creating intimacy in a relationship takes time and isn’t always easy, but it’s possible to create intimacy with your special someone. Intimacy is the freedom to be yourself. Building intimacy is expressing yourself more and more in your relationship. Building intimacy doesn’t mean you’ll make all that happen, of course, but your partner’s satisfaction is equally important to you.

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