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Parents with New baby

Expecting a Baby? Having a baby or young kids? It is normal for a family during that time to face stress and challenges. Survey has shown that a couples’ satisfaction takes a deep dive after the first child is born. And according to the Gottman Relationship Institute about two-thirds of couples become dissatisfied with their relationship within three years of having a child.

It is undeniable that being a parent is a unique experience that brings tremendous joy. Baby is the most joyous, miraculous and bonding experience for parents. When baby comes, it transforms you from a couple to a family. With that change, new profound challenges come out. A new born creates high level strain to the marriage. It is important to note that a baby does not solve couple’s problems by giving you a common project and unites you. In fact, often, a baby magnifies whatever issues you may have had before. This another reason why it is important to make sure that your marriage stays strong and satisfying.

More than ever, young families with babies and young children face greater challenges. During “baby times,” conflict increases and sex and emotional distance can easily developed. It is not surprising to see a larger number of mental-health professionals, especially marriage and family therapists, advise couples to undergo pre-baby counseling to deal with the baby-related issues, responsibilities, finance and expectations for sex, intimacy and social lives. My pre-baby or postpartum marriage programs are customized to fit your life situation, work, and values while building marriage, parenting and family skills.

In my family and couples counseling we will address the above issues and:

  • Learn relationship and parenting skills that will help you make an easier transition from being a couple to being a happy family.
  • Build a strong family skills and foundation is key to harmony and even more important so that you will be ready to balance baby and romance, creating a home where you and your new baby will thrive.
  • Gain the necessary tools you need to work as a team as you face new responsibilities and ways to nurture your closeness on a daily basis.

For many years, I have helped couples successfully navigate through the challenges of life including the transition to parenthood to create happy families. All family issues such as marriage dynamics, parenting, intimacy, sex and family life are going to be discussed and addressed. I feel privileged to guide new parents in creating a happy balance of marriage, work and kids.

  • A list challenges couples face after having a baby:
    • Parents may experience exhaustion, sleep deprivation, stress, incompetency and overwhelming feelings
    • Change in priority, while focusing on the baby
    • Build conflict resolution skills (including resolution long-standing conflicts)
    • Increased responsibilities and workload
    • Change in roles and household chores
    • Baby brings about new challenges that question core values and beliefs
    • Possible areas of conflict such as style and attitude toward parenting, childcare and schedules
    • Greater financial strain
    • Potential issues with extended family (especially in-laws)
    • A baby brings a third party into the couple hood , which amplify conflict and argument
    • Increased workload requires greater resources, which makes less energy and time for each other
    • Break old patterns of relating that create distance
    • Intimacy becomes dulls and conversation is mostly around a “baby survival” issues
    • Some women may suffer from post depression and anxiety
    • Partners may feel left out with the new responsibility and priority
    • Sexual and romantic challenges amplify and partners may feel rejected, unattractive, less sexual etc.
    • Parents may be sleep-deprived, stressed and short-tempered.
    • Women’s hormonal changes, the physical demands of childbirth and nursing
    • Spouses Partner may feel alone with new responsibilities and one or both may feel like the other’s not pulling his or her share
    • Maintaining a healthy marriage post-baby takes a lot of time and energy
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