About the Name “spiral2grow”

spiral2grow represents the process of growth and development in people as they evolve to a higher-better level. The spiral illustrates the flow of physical and spiritual energy as well as process of evolution and progress. The ancients have used the spiral image to represent the universe, the earth’s rotation, the moon’s orbit, and as a symbol for growth. The spiral also denotes cosmic forms in motion, or the relationship between unity & multiplicity. Through history, spiral was associated with force, power, movement and evolvement.

spiral2grow employs the spiral evolution model to effect change at different systems, starting at individual through couples, family and group and up to large-scale organizational change. The principle of change and development applies to a single person in the same manner as it applies to an entire organization or society. Through the spiral evolution model, sprial2grow provides the clients with the path to succeed and grow. The spiral process moves toward problem resolution enabling the clients to overcome their challenges and reach their desire goals.

As we spiral2grow and evolve to become intellectually wiser and emotionally more mature (more enlighten), we are going through infinite stages. Each spiral stage is a new better answer to the lifelong tension between the universal human yearning to be connected, attached, and included, on the one hand, and to be separate, independent, and autonomous on the other hand.