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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867

Self Esteem and Confidence Group

If you are uncertain about yourself, lack  self-confidence, doubts your abilities, or thinks negatively of yourself, this program might be helpful for you. The group sessions focus on the causes and cures for problems such as low self esteem and confidence, feeling of inferiority, perfectionism and procrastination. Participants learn the impacts of low self esteem might have on a person and their life, and learn specific skills to overcome self-esteem and emotional issues. The goal of the group therapy program is to increase insight and self-understanding and develop self-esteem and self confidence. It teaches skills that enhance self-confidence, be more engaging and promote greater joy in daily living.

The group is a supportive system and a powerful way to learn from others’ challenges as you challenged and gain healing and growth. The group meetings, where people like yourself gather to share their struggles, stories and experiences are a healthy way to create a supportive environment that is conducive to gain new insights and skills to become the best person you can be. Join a group and let the collective wisdom of other people to inform your confidence and gain greater control over your life.

spiral2grow, located in New York City (NYC) offers  Self Esteem Counseling and Self Confidence solutions  in an additional formats: Individual counseling as well as Workshops.

The following are few of the goals and skills provided in Self Esteem and Confidence Group:

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence – Accept yourself (self acceptance)
  • Identify and deal with personal emotional blocks and limitations
  • Have the courage to do new things and experience life to its fullest
  • Develop a winning attitude and achieve your potential
  • Act courageous in stressful or intense situations

  • Master your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Overcome social fear, anxiety and shyness
  • Gain inner comfort and project confidence
  • Improve social/interpersonal skills/style
  • Avoid procrastination and avoid perfectionism
  • Take control over your life & relationships
  • Attract partner and build healthy relationships
  • Let go of patterns that pull you down
  • Become assertive – Think win-win
  • Set, pursue and attain your goals
  • Set healthy boundaries

Social Anxiety Group
Build self-esteem & self confidence
Accept & respect yourself
Build courage & take risks
Create healthy boundaries
Manage stress & anxiety
Build assertiveness
Overcome shyness
Overcome obstacles
Communicate your needs and wants
Pursue your dreams/goals
Overcome procrastination
Take responsibility & make constructive decisions


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