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Anger Control

spiral2grow, a leading provider of classes for anger control in New York City, employs anger control psychotherapists and counselors, who are expert in anger management and anger control. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers anger control treatment and anger control counseling in a variety of formats: individual psychotherapy, couples and marriage therapy, anger groups and workshops.

What is Anger and anger Control

Anger is a fundamental emotion that is a normal human emotion that can range from feeling normal annoyance to full-blown rage, which can cloud your thinking and judgment and may lead to actions that are unreasonable and/or irrational. Anger is a very powerful emotion that can stem from feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance or disappointment.

It is important to understand that anger in itself is NOT the problem (unless it is chronic anger), but the expression of it that can be dangerous. Anger feeling can be harmful or helpful, depending upon how it is expressed. Knowing how to recognize and express anger in appropriate ways can help people to reach goals, handle emergencies and solve problems. However, problems can occur if people fail to recognize and understand their anger. When anger isn’t handled properly it can be very destructive. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, and in the extreme situation to physical fights. On the other spectrum, if anger and needs are not expressed, it might lead to depression.

Also, our belief system, thoughts and expectations about a person or event or situation influence the way we feel. The anger feelings are not the result of or inherent in of the situation itself. Others do not cause our anger. By having certain way of thinking, we cause ourselves to feel in a certain way.This knowledge means that we have control of our anger, much like we have control over other choices we make in our life. That also means that counseling, particularly CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) that focuses on helping individuals change their dysfunctional thinking, that causes them so much distress and suffering in their lives, can be very effective.

Here are few suggestions to reduce stress and anger:

  • Practicing and exercising in physical activities
  • Engaging in hobbies or passionate activities
  • Learning communication skills
  • Building emotional intelligence skills
  • Journaling and reflecting
  • Engaging in social activities
  • Deep breathing, Yoga, Pilates, Qigong
  • Having a good sleep and rest
  • Living in the present and being mindful

Adapted from Star Trek:

A flame like emotion is a primitive force, left unchecked is chaotic and destructive, but if controlled, it can be powerful tool. Like the lamp that controls the flame, our brain can control our emotions, and we as human can learn to manage our emotions in a constructive manner.

Psychotherapy Services and Solutions
  • The Anger Control Workbook - by McKay, Matthew & Rogers, Peter
  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol


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