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Anger Management Overview

spiral2grow, a top provider of anger management treatment in New York City, employs anger management psychotherapists and anger management counselors, who are expert in anger management. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers anger management treatment and anger management counseling in a variety of formats: individual anger management, couples anger management, anger management groups, anger management classes and anger workshops.

Most people do not know what to do with anger other than exploding it or stuffing it. Anger is the most complicated emotion, because it is so complex with many aspects. Anger can be manifested in many ways and most of us don’t resort to physical violence, but almost all of us hurt other people with aggressive words, destructive behaviors and harsh emotions. The sad part is that it is usually directed toward the people we love the most.

Anger as a powerful emotion has a very invasive quality. To learn how to deal with it, it is important to have a clear understanding of the mechanism that lead to anger. The starting point in understanding anger is to understand its source. The triggers to anger in many instances are Unfulfilled Expectations and Negative interpretations.

  • Anger Management Overview
    • Overwhelming feelings of anger have become an increasing and painful reality for many people. Repeated anger is serious psychological problem and can be costly, both physically and emotionally, while making people rigid and defensive. It is likely to have a negative effect on people’s mental well-being, personal happiness, the quality of one’s family life and interpersonal relationships, work-relations, and physical health.
    • Anger like any other emotion is normal and part of being human. Anger is an emotional reaction to frustration or injury. If for example, we think that we are being taken advantage of, anger pushes us to take action to correct the situation. If properly managed, anger is a reasonable and effective response to an injustice or problematic situation.
    • In addition to communicating to others that we are upset, anger moves us away of fear to face the uncomfortable event. Anger, when properly expressed, gives us a sense of gratification when we exert some control and improve a bad situation.
    • Anger could be channeled negatively or could serve us an internal guidance system. Our anger emotion alerts us when our need is not being met. Yet, it is important to learn the skills to use the anger to our benefit rather than allowing the anger controlling us. If anger isn’t managed properly, it can lead to aggression and the physical, mental and emotional abuse of yourself or other people.
    • Problematic chronic anger or affect regulation requires professional intervention in order to be remedied. It simply will not go away with time. spiral2grow has made it a goal to work towards reducing the anger pain and improve anger control. It provides anger management counseling and skills that help people learn how to manage anger constructively, while transforming it into assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy and forgiveness, so they create the life and relationship they want.
    • Daniel Goldman said IQ predicts only 10% of life success, while Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a better predictor for such success and happiness. In addition, IQ seems to be constant over life span, while Emotional Intelligence can change through all ages, So, investing in yourself and particularly your emotional growth is the best investment you will ever take. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives and character of all those around you. Emotional management and anger management are going hand to hand. So, wherever you start to take care of your emotional well-being, you are in a moving toward becoming better and happy person.
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