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Anger Problems

spiral2grow, a leading provider of management of problems in New York City, has professionals that include anger problems psychotherapists and anger problems counselors, who are expert in anger problems. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers management for anger problems and anger problem counseling.

Anger is a basic defensive emotion that is designed to protect us from harm or from loss of something we care about. Anger makes us react quickly by communicating action signals to the body to prepare us to neutralize or defeat the perceived danger. The main problem of anger is its impassivity. While it serves to deal with the immediate threat, many times it makes us to act against our long-term best interests.

Conquering anger problems requires multi-dimensional approach. Not only individuals must manage their anger feelings and its physiological arousal, it also depends on the choices individuals make. The decision is based on one key question – what kind of person you want to be. Do you want to be an angry, resentful person, or you want to be your best self who is guided by positive core values and lives in a happy.

Not all those who have experienced anger are seeking to know how to overcome it. Many don’t even rationalize their anger, and would go any length to justify it, both to themselves and to others, as if the welfare of the world depended on their anger. Yet, it is important to understand that it is not the anger itself but the expression of anger that can be dangerous and problematic.

The following are symptoms that indicate signs of anger problems:

  • Accumulating of stress and Blowing-up
  • Bickering and Fighting – Engaging in a Negative Vicious Cycle
  • Ongoing Communication Breakdown
  • Physical, Verbal and Emotional Abuse
  • Feeling Like People Walk all Over You
  • Turning Off the People (including your loved ones)
  • Conflict with Family members (partner, kids or parents)
  • You feel life should be fair, and things are not how you want them to be
  • Conflicts at Work (employer, employees, customers)
  • Verbal outbursts toward family, friends, or fellow workers
  • Hitting and slamming objects, pets, or people or desire to inflict harm
  • Trouble with the Law or Road Rage
  • Short Temper and impatience causing problems in a marriage
  • Court Mandated Anger management therapy

As you can see anger problem can be manifested in many ways. In addition, angry behavior can be manifested in many ways. Check to find more about faces of Anger and its expression.

More about Anger Management
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  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol


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