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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

spiral2grow, a leading provider of Solution Focused Brief Therapy in NYC, has professionals that include brief-goal-oriented therapists and solution focused counselors, who are expert in short term effective therapy. Brief therapy has gained great success, particularly for couples counseling. spiral2grow, located in Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers brief solution treatment for self esteem and confidence, anger management, social anxiety, couples counseling and marriage therapy.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Brief Strategic Systemic Therapy (BSST) or Brief psychotherapy is a high level term for a range of methods of psychotherapy or counseling that is very strategic and systemic that is solution oriented and provides straight, quick intervention to solve clients’ problem. These approaches have found a wide acceptance among cutting-edge mental health providers and gain much success in individual counseling and particularly marriage counseling and couples therapy.

This approach is less concerned with how the problem arose and focuses on the current factors sustaining it and preventing change. Accordingly, in this approach, Therapists are more proactive, more direct and more strategic, while focusing on the present and the future to elicit quick change.

The main emphasis of brief therapy is to help the client to change clients’ perspective view from a narrow-minded lens to a wider spectrum and to utilize healthier perspective to a more functional and solution oriented outlook. By becoming aware of these new understandings, clients undergo internal changes that enable them to better manage the problem and solve it.

Brief Strategic Therapists utilize a systemic and strategic frame of reference to promote change in the relationship while soothing partners’ feelings and solving the problem quickly. Some of therapists’ goals are to motivate partners to focus on themselves and learn to influence their partner, to build up optimism, to help couples discuss and negotiate an issue, to develop intimacy, to stop arguing, to become more independent or inter-dependent, to cooperate better, to be respected, etc. Brief Strategic couples therapists are very strategic and able to maneuver between keeping alliance with the couples as well as with each partner individually while considering personal needs, abilities and skills.

  • Key principles of Brief Strategic Systemic Therapy (BSST) 
    • Subjective Reality – People function and act/react based on of their internal maps (motives, values, agendas and abilities)
    • Do Their Best – Individuals make the best choice for themselves at any given time based on their subjective cost-benefit analysis (most of the unhealthy decisions are based on short gains rather long term).
    • Freedom – At any given moment, even in worse situations, the person has the freedom to choose. Individuals with the most durability and flexibility will be in better position to influence their lives and others and make the better choices for themselves.
  • Some of the strategies brief therapists are using
    • Strength based approach – Therapy is a strength approach and leads to empowerment. Clients are encouraged to become proactive and remember specific moments in their lives in which they confronted with similar problematic situation and successfully resolved it.
    • Adapt healthy perspective – Psychotherapists promote clients to change their perspective from a victim mentality to do their best in order for them to manage their situation and change. Therapists encourage clients to experiment with new behaviors or to entertain new ways of thinking about their situations. In most cases, it would be enough to shift the way of thinking or in which something is perceived to create a radical change in behavior.
    • Change unhealthy dynamics – Therapists aim to change maladaptive interaction patterns to create more functional and healthy dynamics with a long term perspective.
    • Focus on changing yourself and influencing others – Partners are able to influence each other if they understand that their partners are more likely to be less resistance to change, cooperate and to try new approach to resolve their problem when they are validated and when they feel that their beliefs and feelings are understood and respected.
    • Collaborative and goal oriented – Clients are promoted to envision their desire future, while maintaining constant focus on that future. At the same time, psychotherapist and client collaborate on a series of steps to achieve their goals. This approach emphasizes focusing on small gradual steps that lead to a major change and even a transformation.
    • Define what is needed to reach the goals – Counselors help clients determine what skills, resources, and abilities they have and what they need to develop and use to attain their desired outcome.
    • Direct approach – Clients are thought skills and given ideas or instructions on how to behave in particular situations. The treatment approach is pragmatic; provides psychoeducation and assignments while focusing on actions and results.
    • Solution oriented method – Guided by 1) if it is not a problem, don’t fix it, 2) do more of what works. So, look for previous solutions, strengths, resources and abilities, 3) if you do the same thing again and again and the situation does not change, try to do something different.
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