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Depression and Sad Mood

Do you feel sad, empty, depressed, stressed or anxious? Are you not motivated, not happy & not fulfilled?
Couples Counselor NYC
Have you lost interest in normal activities & lack motivation? Does depression affect the quality of your life?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your situation? Do you want to manage your depression and overcome it?
Couples Counselor NYC

Depression reduces the quality and sense of life. Depression can seriously impair a person’s ability to function in everyday situations. But the prospect of recovery for depressed individuals is very good. By working with a qualified and experienced therapist, anyone suffering from depression can help regain control of their lives.

Many depressed individuals also suffer from anxiety. Depression and Anxiety are sometimes called “fraternal twins.” One can think as anxious person as someone that has high level of negative (anxious) emotion, that clearly leads to avoidance and paralyzing. While depression is manifested in low positive emotions. The results of low positive emotions is lack of motivation and no interest/no incentive in doing anything. Clearly depressed individuals want to enjoy activities and life, but it is hard for them to do so as physiologically the depression is a highly stress state. Depression is not a weakness nor is it something that you simply just “snap out of.” You can deal with depression or deal with its consequences.

spiral2grow utilizes proven psychotherapy methods such cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT and can teach you the necessary skills to prevent, resolve or manage depression. It helps you enjoy better relationships and quality of life, while emphasizing durable-fulfillment. spiral2grow of New York City offers depression management treatment in a variety of formats: Individuals Counseling, Group Counseling and Workshops.

More about Depression and Sad Mood
Feeling Good Handbook, by David D. Burns. NAL/Dutton (1990). This book includes techniques that enable readers to cope with a range of everyday problems such as depression. Presents ideas of cognitive therapy through exercises, self-tests, and forms.
Mind Over Mood. By Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky. Guilford (1995). This treatment manual draws on the authors' extensive experience as clinicians and teachers of cognitive therapy to help readers successfully understand and improve their moods, alter their behavior, and enhance their relationships.
The Shelter of Each Other. By Mary Pipher. Ballantine (1996). Offers thoughtful, practical strategies to reach families and help them call upon their reserves of mutual nurture and support in the face of societal, cultural, and economic pressures. Challenges readers to find the courage to nurture and revive the families they cherish.
Hand-Me-Down Blues: How to Stop Depression from Spreading in Families. By Michael Yapko. St.Martins (1999). Describes the role of the family system in developing depression for both biological and developmental reasons, and teaches specific strategies for helping families reduce and even prevent depression in their members.
Breaking the Patterns of Depression. By Michael Yapko. Random House/Doubleday (1997). A comprehensive, "user-friendly" book that recommends an active, skill-building approach to self-help. Includes nearly 100 structured activities to engage the reader in learning the skills to overcome depression.
National Foundation for Depressive Illness (800) 239-1265 or (212) 268-4260
National Institute of Mental Health (866) 615-6464 (toll-free),
National Mental Health Association (800) 969-NMHA (6642) (toll-free)

Benefits of Depression Treatment
Alleviate the negative mood and improve the level of your energy, activities and socialization
Manage depression & anxiety
Reduce irritability & increase social interaction with family & friends
Resolve the underline issues of your depression
Be proactive & control your life
Overcome loneliness, sadness and lack of motivation
Create meaning and feel the joy and zest of life
Achieve psychological resiliency


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