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Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis

spiral2grow provides modern psychodynamic and psychoanalysis therapy in New York City. It has professionals that include psychoanalytical psychotherapists and psychodynamic counselors, who are expert in exploring and resolving deep rooted issues with integrated approach that include psychoanalytical modality. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers cutting edge integrated psychotherapy treatment that include advanced psycho-dynamic method.

Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis Therapy

Psychodynamic therapeutic modality developed from psychoanalytic psychology. The originator Sigmund Freud Sigmund discovered the “unconscious” and the need to make what is “unconscious conscious” through analysis. Freud since then has influenced the field of psychology in a very fundamental way. Many theorists, such as Carl Jung and Alfred Adler, were greatly influenced by Freud’s works. Freud’s perception was that the unconscious mind drives our behavior. As a result, the Psychodynamic approach focuses on helping one to identify how the past, such as childhood experiences, influence today’s choices, perceptions, experiences, and feelings.

When thinking of the term “psychology” many people think of the stereotypical Freudian Psychoanalyst passively sitting, listening, as the client lies on the couch. While Freud did sit behind clients as they “free associated” and expressed themselves, most Psychodynamic therapist no longer fit that stereotype! On the whole, psychodynamic therapists work collaboratively and compassionately; encouraging people to gain greater insight into unconscious patterns that may be showing up in their life and causing internal and external conflict.

The psychoanalytical framework focuses on understanding the importance that:

  • each individual is special and unique,
  • there are factors outside of a person’s awareness (unconscious thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences) which imapct the individual behavior,
  • the past shapes the present, yet our actions in the present shape the future,
  • and that human beings are always engaged in the process of personal development throughout their lives.

Psychodynamic therapy seeks to be impartial, yet encourage you to explore unconscious patterns, and how the past is connected to them. By understanding the causes of one’s internal and external conflict, psychodynamic therapy helps people to unravel the mystery behind their problems and to make emotional and behavioral changes.

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