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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867

Anxiety and Stress Management Workshop

Stress is emotional and physiological reaction to a threat, whether real or imagined, that results in a series of challenges. Anxiety does not only affect your body, it also affects your thoughts and behaviors. Stress management can bring a variety of benefits: sustained peak performance, cognitive flexibility, memory, decision making, and even longevity. If you are feeling stressed, demoralized, depressed and/or anxious, this workshop can help you.

spiral2grow utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Counseling (CBT) approach that has shown by research to be most effective form of therapy for anxiety. The seminar teaches participants management and coping skills for dealing with anxiety and stress. Participants will learn techniques to relieve uncomfortable feelings and move towards a more harmonious, integrated and skillful state of being.

spiral2grow of New York City also offers Anxiety and Stress Management solutions in a variety of formats: Individual Therapy and Group Counseling.


Anxiety & Stress Management
Understand stress & its manifestation
Manage tension, anxiety & stress effectively
Adopt solutions for fear, dread & worry
Learn calming strategies
Resolve conflict underline the anxiety
Improve daily functioning & quality of life
Build self-awareness & clear emotional blocks
Face fear with confidence
Increase resourcefulness in tense situations


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