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When to Seek Depression Help

spiral2grow, a leading expert in helping depression in New York City (NYC), has depression psychotherapists and counselors, who are expert in providing help for depression while building skill and confidence in managing depression. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven depression help treatment and depression counseling in a variety of formats: individual depression help, depression group help and depression workshop.

When to seek help for Depression

As a general answer, you should seek help when depression is starting to affect your life (your family, your job, your outlook) in negative ways, and you are not very clear about what you need to do to prevent things from getting worse. You should seek help — for yourself, loved ones, or both — long before things get really bad.

To be more specific, take into account the following factors when deciding to seek professional treatment.

  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings: Suicide is a terrible and irreversible solution to specific problems. The depressed person and his or her family need to think preventively, and get help immediately if someone is suicidal.
  • Acute depression turning chronic: Before settling into “life as a depressed person,” the depressed person, and family if possible, should do all they can to resolve it early on. Every day spent suffering is too costly.
  • Lifestyle disruption: The depressed person, and his or her family, can prevent bad circumstances from getting worse by acting quickly. The depressed person does not have to ignore his or her health, lose a job, or hurt or alienate family and friends.
  • Reality testing: If a family and their depressed member do not have someone good to talk to, someone with whom they can share their private thoughts, then how will they know whether what they are thinking makes sense? A good therapist is a valuable partner for “reality testing.”
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