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Depression Symptoms

spiral2grow, a leading depression counseling center in New York City (NYC), has depression psychotherapists and depression counselors, who are expert in providing treatment for depression symptoms while building skill and confidence in managing depression. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven depression treatment and counseling in a variety of formats: individual depression counseling, depression group counseling, depression classes and workshops.

Depression Symptoms

Depressed people will likely experience unpleasant moods, thoughts and self-perception. A depressed person may have difficulty making decisions – day-to-day tasks of paying bills, caring for children, meeting people and making telephone calls may seem overwhelming.

If the following symptoms are present each day for a few weeks; and interfere with daily activities such as work, self-care, child-care, sleep or social life; please consider getting professional help:

  • Preoccupied with death or suicide
  • Insomnia and/or major sleep changes
  • Appetite and/or major weight changes
  • Decreased energy, fatigue – always tired
  • Feeling hopeless, helpless or pessimistic
  • Feeling guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in work or profession
  • Little pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed
  • Sadness, anxiety, emptiness, restless and irritable
  • Little interest or pleasure in romance or sexual activity
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions

The symptoms of depression described above make it clear: To be depressed is to suffer. The hopelessness and helplessness that people experience when they are depressed is more than just a frame of mind at such times — it is an entire way of being. People stop trying, they stop caring, they withdraw from life, and of course, this makes them feel even worse. Their lives deteriorate, and it affects others as well. Parners and family members are not immune to the depressive’s negativity — the never-ending complaints, the steady stream of criticisms, the lack of emotional closeness, and the loss of the ability to have fun together. Spouses can feel hurt and alienated, and children may feel guilty, resentful, and as if they are to blame. In turn, family relationships can also exacerbate depressive symptoms.

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