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Social Anxiety Overview

spiral2grow , a leading provider in social anxiety solutions in New York City, has professionals that include social anxiety psychotherapists and social anxiety counselors, who are expert in overcoming social anxiety and building self-confidence. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven social anxiety treatment and social anxiety counseling in a variety of formats: individual social anxiety, social anxiety group, and social anxiety workshop.

Social Anxiety Overview

Social anxiety is the fear that in certain social situations, one will be criticized or judged negatively. The individual feels a great deal of anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment or even panic in social settings. One can have either specific or generalized social phobia. The most common specific social phobia is the fear of speaking in public. Individuals with generalized social phobia are anxious in almost all interpersonal situations. If the individual is going to be judged or graded on his performance in a public situation, the fear is greatly increased.

Many people get a minor case of the “jitters” before performing in public. For some, this mild anxiety actually enhances their performance. However, this anxious reaction is massively exaggerated in the individual with social phobia. While mild normal anxiety can actually enhance performance, excessive anxiety can severely impair performance.

An anxious episode may be associated with some or all of the symptoms of a panic attack. These might include sweaty palms, palpitations, rapid breathing, tremulousness and a sense of impending doom. Some individuals, particularly those with generalized social phobia may have chronic anxiety symptoms. Individuals with social phobia may turn down accelerated classes and after school activities because of their fears that these situations will lead to increased public scrutiny.

The individual with a specific social phobia feels anxious during the feared social situation and also when anticipating it. Some individuals may deal with their fear by arranging their lives so that they do not have to be in the feared situation. If the individual is successful at this, he or she does not appear to be impaired.

Types of discrete social phobia may include:

  • Fear of public speaking—by far the most common.
  • Fear of interacting socially at informal gatherings (making small talk at a party)
  • Fear of eating or drinking in public
  • Fear of writing in public
  • Fear of using public washrooms.

Individuals with generalized social phobia are characterized as extremely shy. They often wish that they could be more socially active, but their anxiety prevents this. They often have insight into their difficulties. They often report that they have been shy most of their lives. They are sensitive to even minor perceived social rejection. Because they become so social isolated, they have greater academic, work and social impairment. They may crystallize into an avoidant personality disorder.

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