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Assertiveness Training

Posted by:   |  Nov 30, 2013

Assertiveness can be defined as communication in which one expresses oneself in a direct and honest manner in interpersonal situations, while simultaneously respecting the rights and dignity of others. Assertiveness training builds the skill necessary to establish your health voice. It helps individuals find themselves passive or on the other spectrum individuals that act aggressively. […]...  Read more

Anger and Anger Management program

Posted by:   |  Jun 26, 2013

Anger is a primitive emotion that is fundamental to human survival and functioning. Emotions are inherently essential as a feedback mechanism to our position and serve as signals to where we are in comparison to where we want to be. In other words, it let us know where we stand in regards to our needs […]...  Read more

Healthy Expression of Anger

Posted by:   |  May 13, 2013

Expressing your anger in healthy way not only prevent you from getting into trouble, getting sick mentally and physically and will help your relationship, it will help you becomes happier person and will provide you with more fulfilling life. The following are steps to express anger in a healthy constructive way. Don’t react – be […]...  Read more

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