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Alcohol Abuse

Treating Alcohol With Couples and Marriage Therapy

Posted by:   |  Oct 31, 2016

Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) come in two general forms, or levels: Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse refers to a problem pattern where the drinking interferes with work, school, or home life, as well as where the drinking is hazardous, such as in driving an automobile or operating machinery. Or, the problem may generate […]...  Read more

Depression and Mentalizing

Posted by:   |  Mar 24, 2014

Depression is associated with adverse physiological changes in the brain and the body. As such, depression is notoriously disabling illness and is very different from just feeling sad from time to time. To be ill means that you cannot recover by a mere act of will and recovery entails many acts of will over extended […]...  Read more

The Key Factor to Overcoming Alcoholism

Posted by:   |  Feb 18, 2011

Alcohol is one most widely abused substance in today’s society and its negative effect is rapidly growing. Many times alcoholism starts off as an innocent drink. Gradually, lack of self control and discipline leads to a life of torture and misery. It has been said that falling into alcoholism is easy, but getting out of […]...  Read more

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