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Group Therapy

Who Is a Sexual Addict?

Posted by:   |  Sep 24, 2014

More and more adults men and women including teens are seeking clinical treatment for sexual addiction. The contribution to the increased number of sexual addicts is partly the result of the increasingly infinite variety of Internet-based sexual content (cyber-sex), and partly the result of easy accessibility of anonymous sexual partnering via mobile phone and social […]...  Read more

Anger Management and Buddhism

Posted by:   |  Aug 12, 2012

Anger management or better said a healthy anger management is one of the most important qualities any human being can have. Allowing anger to control our actions basically makes us powerless. Buddhism teaches us that anger challenged us to look deeply into ourselves and understand ourselves. So, when you deal with anger, clarify for yourself […]...  Read more

Taking part of Group Therapy

Posted by:   |  Jul 28, 2012

The benefits of group therapy ...  Read more

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