Category: Addiction

Change your attitude, ReProgram your brain & Create your life

Our attitude is made up of how we think, how we feel and how we act. Our attitude creates ou...

How to Face Your Fears?

Everyone has fears. Fear is a normal response to living as it triggers specific behavioral patt...

Who Is a Sexual Addict?

More and more adults men and women including teens are seeking clinical treatment for sexual add...

Depression and Mentalizing

Depression is associated with adverse physiological changes in the brain and the body. As such, ...

How To Deal with Alcoholic Spouse

Some people question if they are alcoholics, and usually define it by the amount of alcohol they ...

Overcome Fear with Courage

Change is an inevitable part of life, personal growth as well as improving self esteem. Without c...

How to Overcome Alcohol Abuse

Overcoming addiction requires a great deal of courage and effort. But first, you must admit that ...


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