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Self Esteem and Confidence

Building Confidence when Challenging Yourself

Posted by:   |  Mar 27, 2016

A few things about confidence There are three things about confidence that we should never stop believing in. It helps you with persistence. It will help you hold on so that you can achieve the life you want. It helps you become more flexible. When you run across a dead end, you will not lose […]...  Read more

Dealing with Mid-Life Crisis

Posted by:   |  Dec 01, 2015

Sometimes when we get older and find ourselves in a rut, it can result in a life transition. In other cases, we just find that our lives are not going the way we thought they would. Feeling as if time is slipping from our hands could make us feel that it is time for a […]...  Read more

Build Your Internal Power (2)

Posted by:   |  Aug 15, 2013

The below list is a continuation the article 1 of building your internal resources as the main mechanism helps individuals act from a state of happiness: Enhance Self Awareness – Self awareness is the unique ability of consciousness that individuals posses to explore their nature. By human nature, I mean personalities, value systems, beliefs, inclinations, […]...  Read more

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