Tag: Emotional Management

Overcome Anger with Patience

Patience is key to overcoming suffering, pain and anger. It is challenging to know what to do w...

The True Nature of Anger

When we feel a burst of anger, we sense a strong feeling and irresistible desire to react to it....

Diffusing Anger by Letting Go

The way you perceive problems and conflicts effects your emotional response to it. At times we fe...

Brains’ Interconnectivity within the Human Brain

All three layers of the brain (lizard, mammalian, neocortex) are loosely connected via an extens...

The Brains within the Human Brain

The brain is one of the most complex organ in the known universe. Knowing the brain, understandi...

Is It Good To Feel Angry?

A frequent question I am asked as a psychotherapist is “Is it good to feel angry?&rdq...


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