Category: Parenting

Millennials pamper pets not babies

Young generations of Americans are less likely than previous generations to own a car or a h...

Best Movie on Understanding Emotions – Inside Out

I recently watched the movie Inside Out and was fascinated by its creativity and elegance to de...

What Parents Can Do to Reconcile With Their Estranged Children

While parents are not always directly to blame for an estrangement or ongoing conflict with their...

Tips To Avoid Power Struggle with Kids

It happens to every parent: something that begins as a mere request to a child, such as get rea...

Parenting: Building Kidsā€™ Self esteem

The higher your self esteem, the more durable you are. As such, self-esteem includes the feelings...

How to Criticize and Praise our Children

One of the most important elements of building self esteem among children is the way parents cri...


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