Category: Worry

A Chines Doctor Suggestions for Corona-virus Prevention

The Covid-19 virus is characteristic by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus th...

Depression, Desperation and Acceptance

Clinical depression is more than just the "blues," being "down," or experiencing temporary feeli...

Seeking a Psychotherapist in NYC or Counselor in New York City?

Psychotherapy in NYC was the subject of many shows, movies and particularly Woody Allen movies a...

How Fear of Commitment Can Manifest Itself

Fear of Commitment Fear of commitment is infecting modern relationships. Not only it is difficul...

Procrastination and its Antidote

Procrastination becomes a problem when delaying tasks leads to internal and/or external consequen...

Managing Excessive Worry

Montaigne: “My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” The ab...

Cycle of Emotions and Cycle of Financial Market

The effect of our financial situation and monetary wealth on our well-being is well documented. T...

The Negative Effect of Excessive Worry

Excessive worry effect almost every aspects of our life. Below you can find a short list of its ...


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