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Social Anxiety

Self-Esteem and Assertiveness

Posted by:   |  Feb 19, 2011

Solid self-esteem brings with it a sense of self-confidence and empowerment, and grants us the ability to move through the world to overcome life’s challenges, difficulties, and setbacks. Assertiveness is the ability to confidently and non-aggressively put forth what one needs and wants. It also includes the ability to draw lines and enforce boundaries where […]...  Read more

Does Technology Make Us Anxious Socially?

Posted by:   |  Dec 12, 2010

Has the convenience that technology given to us also hindered us from overcoming social anxiety? Has technology made managing social anxiety even more difficult by placing a virtual wall between human interaction and physical contact? The fact is that the Internet acts as a buffer between people. Living in the age of the Internet, cell […]...  Read more

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