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Healthy Relationship

Tips for Intimate Relationship

Posted by:   |  Dec 13, 2012

Couples relationship, like any relationship can take different shapes and forms, some healthy and some don’t. Although it takes two to tango, it only takes one to stumble. Even though it is never black and white when it comes to “who creates the problem in the relationship,” different possibilities might take place (one person is […]...  Read more

Few Ideas that Make Marriage Works

Posted by:   |  Dec 04, 2012

The following are few tips that can enhance your marital relationship: Enhance your communication skills – Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Your ability to communicate effectively, particularly to listen (rather than talk) to your partner, while understanding your partner’s needs is key to a healthy marriage. Learning to really hear your partner is […]...  Read more

Build Richer Relationship through 3 Types of Intimacy

Posted by:   |  Mar 27, 2011

Relationships are richer if they have some of each of the following types of intimacy. Shared Intimacy: A connection we get from participating in the same activity with another person. The activity can be anything from washing dishes, going for a walk, watching a movie, having sex or parenting. The common theme here is that […]...  Read more

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