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Understanding Partner with ADD

Posted by:   |  Nov 21, 2010

When you have intimate partner, you expect a partner who you support emotionally to support you in the same manner. Unfortunately, if one of the individuals has ADD, the non-ADD partner sometimes has to overcompensate to do their partner’s part, as well as their own. That situation introduces a great source of stress and frequently […]...  Read more

Boosting Libido

Posted by:   |  Nov 05, 2010

Most of the time when we talk about low libido or low sex drive, we usually think of women who lost their interest in sex. But the fact is that many man experience periods of reduced sex drive. Variety of reasons could cause low interest in sex, for examples, unhealthy relationship, job stress, financial pressure, […]...  Read more

Communication Skills Tips

Posted by:   |  Oct 27, 2010

Communication skills are essential to healthy long lasting relationships. Below, please find a few tips for improving your communication skills. Be aware of your feelings and know that you have the right to feel any feeling (boredom, hate, lust, awe). Good communication starts with understanding yourself. Understand the need behind the feelings Express your needs […]...  Read more

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