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building self esteem

Build Your Internal Power (3)

Posted by:   |  Sep 09, 2013

The below list is a continuation of articles 1 and 2 of building your internal resources as the main mechanism that helps individuals to act from a state of happiness: Your Experience is your Teacher – Whatever in front of us is our teacher. Every experience, regardless of the outcome, is a learning experience that […]...  Read more

Parenting: Building Kids’ Self esteem

Posted by:   |  Mar 20, 2011

The higher your self esteem, the more durable you are. As such, self-esteem includes the feelings and thoughts that individuals have about their competence and worth, about their abilities to make a difference, to confront rather than retreat from challenges, to learn from both success and failure, and to treat themselves and others with respect. […]...  Read more

Healthy Habits Create Successful people

Posted by:   |  Dec 08, 2010

Leo Tolstoy starts the novel Anna Karenina with the line, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” There is a great deal of reality in that idea, which applies to healthy, mature individuals. Healthy people exhibit common habits, while the habits of unsuccessful people are all over the […]...  Read more

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