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self esteem

Build Your Internal Power (2)

Posted by:   |  Aug 15, 2013

The below list is a continuation the article 1 of building your internal resources as the main mechanism helps individuals act from a state of happiness: Enhance Self Awareness – Self awareness is the unique ability of consciousness that individuals posses to explore their nature. By human nature, I mean personalities, value systems, beliefs, inclinations, […]...  Read more

Build Your Internal Power (1)

Posted by:   |  Aug 06, 2013

The key to happiness as well as durable fulfillment does not depend on your external circumstances (even though we are affected by them) but mainly depends on your internal power. Below you can find few of the internal resources that can help us act from a state of happiness: Cultivate Positive Thinking – Thoughts can […]...  Read more

Rules for Building Self Esteem and Self Worth

Posted by:   |  Jan 04, 2013

Healthy self esteem is normally manifested in difficult and challenging events when the situations trigger uncomfortable feelings. At these moments the individual is required to portray resiliency, maturity and high level of emotional intelligence. Usually, if you have healthy self worth, you stay cool, composed and calculated during the situation, and less prone to impulsivity […]...  Read more

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